Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Recent Purchases

In a previous post I posited a question about tracked vs. hover and received some excellent comments.  While hover is probably something that might be commonplace 200-300 years from now, there is still something about tracked vehicles that appeals to me, even within a sci-fi setting.  After dithering about for weeks, I finally bought a pair of tracked tanks from Darkest Star.  I went with one Cobra and one Python, just to mix it up a bit.  The Cobra has a smaller turret and has a choice of a plasma or laser cannon, while the Python, has a larger turret with options for a 150mm cannon or rail gun.  Both tanks use the same chassis and track configuration, but the larger turret on the Python gives that beast a slicker look.  Not sure exactly what they are going to be used for, but as I already own some of the Darkest Star infantry and Scorpion wheeled LACVs grabbing a couple of these high quality resin tanks made sense.

I also, in a fit of restlessness one night at work, bought a few packs of 15mm infantry from Ground Zero Games.  A contingent of New Israeli and another of Brethren of the New Light will soon need to be mounted on bases and painted.  One thought I had was the use of my current middle eastern terrain, enhanced with some suitable sci-fi buildings and what-not, where the New Israelis are clearing Brethren settlements.  Kind of a Jews in Space meets whack-a-doodle religious extremists.  Might throw in a couple of other elements with Arab-types and aliens.

For the Brethren I grabbed two bags of riflemen and a bag each of light machine gunners, light support weapons, and command and comms.  For the Israelis a similar mix of riflemen to go along with SAW gunners, snipers and missile men, and command and comms.  One can tell that the Brethren are newer sculpts as they are a bit taller, a bit chunkier, and a bit cleaner in terms of casting.

Both of the aforementioned companies are making great products and provide excellent service.  I really like the moderate prices of the GZG figures which helps to offset shipping costs from England. 

Keep your scope sighted in on this blog for future postings about these latest additions to the pile! 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tracked or Hover?

While perusing the Darkest Star Games site, I came across their (somewhat) recent releases of 15mm armor for their Federation sci-fi faction (think Traveller).  I really like the look of the Python/Cobra MBTs, but wanted to know what you thought of going tracked vs. hover?  While I would be using these (if purchased) for far future gaming (at least 2300 A.D. style if not Fifth Frontier War), I really like the look of the tracked versions as opposed to the hover options.  They remind me of World War II German light tanks for some reason (think Czech 38 and its many variants within the German Army).

Piccies of both:

What would be your choice, and why?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Air Support for the Banana Wars

While not a perfect match, I was able to score three of these Futura Choco Eggs Grumman F3Fs for some Banana Wars or Yangtze gaming.  While the F3F was indeed an operational aircraft for the United States Navy and Marine Corps, it really appeared a bit too late for historical small wars actions pre-World War II, but the price for these Futura models was right, the paint scheme attractive, and the options for other more suitable aircraft to match my 15mm gunboat, Eureka Marines, and Khurasan Chaco War do not exist.  Ideally I would like to find a 1/144th or 1/100th scale Vought O2U Corsair, but as far as I know they are not being made in those scales.

Back to the F3F.  The scale of this model shakes out to be 1/125th, based on a wingspan of thirty-two feet.  The model's wingspan is just the slightest hair above 3", so we are right in the middle of my 1/100th to 1/144th scale need.  Perfect!

F-Toys 1/144th Albatros D.III and Futura 1/125th Grumman F3F

The F3F carried one .30 and one .50 caliber gun, and could also act in a bomber role with a pair of 116 pound bombs.  Range was nearly one thousand miles, and top speed was 264 miles per hour. 

The "kit" comes in several parts, but putting it together is a breeze.  If you are just wanting a display model then you probably need not worry about gluing the parts together, but as I plan to use at least one of these for gaming, gluing is a must as the upper wings like to pop off with mild handling.  You have a choice of landing gear in a retracted or extended position.  The plane is done up in USMC colors (VMF-2 piloted by Bob Galer, a double ace at Guadalcanal and a Medal of Honor and Distinguished Flying Cross winner).

So, while the Grumman might not be the perfect aircraft for the Yangtze or the Caribbean, in this case she'll have to do!

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