Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Adding Terrain - Novus Design Studio

There was a post from the owner of Novus Design Studio on The Wargames Website offering a Cyber Monday sale, so on November 29th I took advantage of the 30% and free shipping in the U.S. and ordered a ready to play 15mm Old World fountain.  While probably more suited for a European setting, it will still go rather nicely with my Middle Eastern terrain.  Novus offers one other 15mm and three 28mm fountains in their ready to play range.  They also carry unpainted terrain (buildings and such) in three sizes.  

I received the fountain, boxed with plenty of packing peanuts for safety, on December 5th.  The fountain measures 3.25" by nearly 3.5", and is nearly 2" tall.  The quality of the resin is high, with no bubbles or holes.  Clear resin appears to have been used to create a water effect in the holding pools.  It makes for a nice center piece for any tabletop village.

Figures are Khurasan's DEVGRU

Friday, December 1, 2017

Banana Wars - The Rebel Forces

While I still have some other assorted figures to mount (the Eureka sailors and Filipinos), I wanted to get the rebel forces on bases.  I am going to need more bad guys and having a couple of squads supported by two heavy machineguns and two mortars just isn't going to be enough.  Placing an order for some more basic infantry types should make the owner at Khurasan happy as I am sure he hasn't sold a ton of his Chaco War range.

Each squad has six riflemen with Mausers and machetes, a Madsen light machinegunner, and a leader.  They are supported by two heavy machineguns (one a Berthier and the other a Colt), and two light mortars.  I'll need to order at least two more infantry squads to beef up the rebels.

Infantry squads supported by machineguns and light mortars
Since I have been on a mounting frenzy of late, I am also going to have to order more bases from Litko, of all sizes.  On the drive home from work tonight I started thinking about how to base the Blue Moon Great War Americans I have still in packs and perhaps it is time to consider skirmish rules for that project as well, meaning individually based figures.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Banana Wars - The Government Forces

I had mentioned in a previous post another possible use for my Khurasan Chaco War figures...Banana Wars.  Tonight I mounted a couple of squads of infantry along with a Vickers heavy machinegun and a light mortar team.  Each squad is made up of six riflemen (armed with bolt action Mausers), a light machinegunner with a Vickers Berthier LMG, and an officer with a pistol.

The government forces pay lip service to the Yankees, offering the barest of support in field operations, as they have their own agenda when it comes to controlling the populace.  They are well equipped, but are poorly trained, and man for man not a match for the rebels that dominate the countryside.  But they are necessary for local leaders, "loyal" to El Presidente, to maintain tight control over the provincial towns.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Banana Marines - Mounted

The Marines, with only half the riflemen showing
It has been some time since I have written about the Banana Wars or China Marines, and so I think it is time to get this project moving a bit.

I have had several packs of the excellent Eureka Wake Island Marines for some time, and pulled them out last night to start working on them.  After mounting what I felt to be a suitable force I actually wound up with more figures than I need (is that a thing?), so I am selling off* my still-in-bag extra figures as I have plenty to take on what ever opposition they may encounter.

This is what I have:
Sixteen riflemen with Springfield
Two BARs
Three Thompson SMGs
Three Lewis guns (one will be used on the gunboat for air defense, even though the bad guys don't have any air assets at the moment)
One medium mortar with crew
One Boys ATR
Two officers

Plus the following US Navy sailors:
Four riflemen
Three SMGs
Two officers

Supported by a Richard Houston gunboat (thanks, TVAG!) and a couple of Futura Grumman F3Fs, the Marines (and sailors) offer a heck of a force pool to chose from.  I will probably work up some sort of chart that will allow me to randomize the American forces as putting them all on the board at once is probably going to overwhelm the bad guys.

About that opposition - I was hoping to find suitable Chinese to do the Sand Pebbles thing as I also have the Eureka U.S. sailors, but the Eureka Chinese don't quite have that movie feel, so I am going with my Khurasan Chaco War figures and Eureka Filipinos instead, and moving the Sand Pebbles to the Caribbean.

* - 16 riflemen, 3 Thompson SMGs, 1 Boys ATR, 2 officers, and 2 BARs. - $15.00 retail, will sell for $10.00 which includes shipping.  Email me at preds81.ds@gmail.com.  United States buyers only.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Indochina - The North Korean Advisors

A couple of years ago I picked up a few packs of the Eureka North Koreans for the Korean War as I was, at the time, trying to decide what scale to game the ground war (see blog post).  I have since decided not to game the ground war, focusing on air combat, but I was going through some of the lead pile today and decided to get these little gems out and placed on bases.  Alas, I cannot seem to find these figures on either Eureka site any longer, so I am glad that I have the ones I do.  

Infantry with squad leader, and officer to far right
I picked up a couple of infantry packs, a heavy machine gun and crew, a pair of officers, and a medium mortar.  The infantry pack had one leader (same leader as for the mortar crew), six riflemen, and one artillery crew member holding a shell.  A bit of an odd throw-in, that artillery crew member; the pack would have been better served with a sub-machine gunner.

The figures have that same high quality one comes to expect from Eureka.  Very little flash is evident, and a quick file across the bottom is pretty much all the prep work needed for basing onto my standard of 15mm round bases for grunts and 20mm round bases for leaders, weapons as needed.  

What do I plan to do with the figures?  Use them as "advisors" for my Indochina project, just for fun.  I guess it wouldn't be a huge stretch to see another communist entity sending military advisors to Indochina, although I do not believe it ever happened in the case of the North Koreans.

HMG and medium mortar
Now I have even more figures to base-prep and prime!  With colder temps coming on, priming outside (which really means on my condo balcony) is not in the cards, so most likely this winter will be spent doing a lot of Gesso brush priming. 
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